Otepää Cup 2021 rules

Teams and players

  • In all of the age groups, teams are allowed to register up to 2 players, who are born on 1th of august or later preceding the age group main year of birth.
  • To avoid mess in tournament please bring player documents or proof of identification!
  • Team size in age group 2008 is 22 players.
  • Team size in age groups 2009-2012 is 18 players.
  • Team size in age groups 2013-2014 is 12 players.
  • The number of the substitutions during the game is not limited, back and forth substitutions are allowed.

Tournament system

Tournament system depends from the number of teams. Each team will play a minimum five (5) matches. Players can only play in one team in a same age group.


Tournament will be played by the rules of FIFA. If some teams get equal scores in subgroups, the final ranking will be decided according to:

  • match between each other
  • overall goal difference
  • overall scored goals
  • penalties or draw

In play-offs extra time will not be played. If the game ended in a draw there will be penalties (3 penalties).

Size of goals

  • 2008 age group - 7,32 x 2,44 meters.
  • 2009-2014 age groups - 5 x 2 meters;


  • First three best teams will be rewarded with trophys.
  • Fourth place as special award.
  • 2013 and 2014 teams will be divided depending on the level, but the scores will not be kept. All players will be rewarded with tournament medal.

Forfeited game

The team, who is late to the game without sufficient reason (maximum 10 minutes) or forfeits the game will automatically lose the game 0:3 and -1 point will be added to the table.


The protests must be made no later then half an hour after the match. The protests will be judged by a three-man-jury appointed by the organizers. The decisions of the jury will be final. The protest must be enclosed a deposit of 100 € which will be returned if the protest is sustained.


  • Organizers takes no responsobility of injuries, health problems, diseases, thefts or for other material losses during the tournament.
  • The organizer leaves itself the right to make changes in the rules of the tournament!