FC Elva Indoor Cup 2015-2016

Date                       Age class            On the field       In the team          Ball size

21.11.2015                  2001                          6v6                 15+2                    Futsal
21.11.2015                  2003                          6v6                 15+2                    Futsal
28.11.2015                  2004                          6v6                15+2                     Futsal
29.11.2015                  2008 A tase               5v5                10+2                     Mini Futsal
29.11.2015                  2008 B tase                5v5                10+2                     Mini Futsal
05.12.2015                  2006                          6v6                15+2                     Futsal
06.12.2015                  2009 A tase               4v4                10+2                     Mini Futsal
06.12.2015                  2009 B tase                4v4                10+2                     Mini Futsal
12.12.2015                  Women                      6v6                15+2                     Futsal
13.12.2015                  2002                          6v6                15+2                     Futsal       
09.01.2016                  2001 Girls                  6v6                15+2                     Futsal
10.01.2016                  2007                          6v6                15+2                     Futsal
16.01.2016                  Men                          6v6                15+2                     Futsal
17.01.2016                  2004 Girls                  6v6                15+2                     Futsal

Field, beginning of matches, duration of matches, and tournament system

Field                                50x30 metres
Goals                              2x5 metres
Beginning of matches     10:00
Group phase                   1x17 minutes
Play-off matches             1x17 minutes
Number of teams             max. 10


Field                                30x18 metres
Goals                              2x3 metres
Beginning of matches     10:00
Group phase                   1x12 minutes
Play-off matches             1x12 minutes
Number of teams             max. 20

Accommodation and catering

For further teams that wish to be accommodated before the tournament – please contact the organisers of the tournament (Marek Naaris, telephone: 5216916, or e-mail: marek@fcelva.ee) if you want accommodation or catering. Together, we will find suitable solutions.


The I, II and III place teams will be awarded trophies and medals. The first three will also receive prizes from sponsors. The best striker, defender, and goalkeeper of each age group will receive special prizes. MOM prices for best player of each game of the tournament.

Participation fee and registration

The participation fee per team is 120 EUR
The participation fee per team 2008 and 2009 is 75 EUR

Special offer for clubs

1-2 teams - 120/75 € one team
3-4 teams - 115/70 € one team
5-6 teams - 110/65 € one team
7-...teams - 105/60 € one team

The participation fee must be paid a week before the beginning of the tournament, at the latest, to the bank account of MTÜ Jalgpalliklubi FC Elva at the SEB Bank (10220013577015)


Before the first match, the team must submit the organiser of the tournament the registration sheet and, if necessary, also the player’s personal identification document with photo. The teams participating in the tournament may consist of 15 players and two instructors/coaches.

In the age groups born in 2001 to 2009, 2 players who are born on 1 August of the year preceding the age group’s main year of birth or later are allowed to be registered in a team.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please take along your passport, ID-card, or the player’s card issued by the Estonian Football Association.

* Substitutes are allowed to be brought in throughout the match.
* A yellow card will mean that the player is removed from the match for two minutes and the player will serve the penalty on a penalty bench secluded for that purpose.
* The two-minute-penalty will end if a goal is scored against the team serving the penalty during the penalty period.
* Two yellow cards given in one match to the same player will not mean a red card.
* A red card will mean that the player is removed until the end of the match and his/her team will have to play in minority for two minutes, whereas at least five players must remain in the team. If there are less than five players, the penalty period is suspended.
* The player who has been given a red card will have to skip the next match.

* The players are allowed to leave and enter the field only across the touchline of their team’s side of the field.
* Penalty series of matches that ended with a draw in the play-off. Changing the goalkeeper before the penalty series is permitted

Matches will be played according to the FIFA rules.

In the competitions taking place within the tournament system, the following criteria will be used in the case of equal number of points:

Different rules for players born in 2008-2009

* Throw-ins, corner kicks, free kicks and penalty kicks may be played by passing, kicking or dribbling the ball.
* If one team is in a four-goal state of defeat, the leading team must remove one player. If the goal difference is less than four, the player may be sent back into the game.
* Goal kicks from the centre of the pitch are not allowed.
* In the age group of players born in 2008-2009, the goalkeepers start the play using their hands; they are allowed to throw the ball across the half-pitch.
* In the age group of players born in 2008-2009, the goalkeepers are allowed to pick up a backpass.

a)    general difference of goals,
b)    general number of goals scored,
c)    points received from mutual match or matches,
d)    difference of goals scored in mutual match or matches,
e)    number of goals scored in mutual match or matches,
f)     penalties.

Marek Naaris
+372 521 6916