Liepaja Spring Cup

Liepaja Spring Cup is an Elite level youth football tournament that takes place in Liepaja, Latvia. This time tournament will be held in 2 locations. On Friday, 27th of May, in Stadium Daugava, Liepaja, Jurmalas Parks but on Saturday, 28th of May, in Stadium Olimpija, Liepaja, Zvejnieku Aleja 2/4

Basic information: Players on field: 7+1 | Match time: 1x20min (2x10min in final matches) | Field size: ½ of standard football field | Goal size: 2x5 | Ball size: 4 | Offside: No |

Tournament system: 
18 teams will be divided in 3 groups. After group games top two teams will qualify for golden tournament, 3rd and 4th for silver tournament, 5th and 6th for bronze tournament. 5 games a day is guaranteed.

First day, Friday, 27th of May: Second day, Saturday, 28th of May: