Riga City Cup is an Elite level youth football tournament that takes place in Riga, Latvia. This year tournament will be held in Riga Olimpic Centre, Riga, Grostonas 6b, for age groups 2002 and 2003.
Basic information - Players on field: 10+1 | Match time: 1x30min | Field size: Standard | Goal size: 7.3x2.4m | Ball size: 5/4 | Offside: Yes | Subs: Unlimited.
Tournament system - 2 groups of 5 teams. 4 games for every team in group stage. After the group stage 5th placed team of each group plays for 9th place in tournament. Top 4 teams of each group play semi-finals and finals for 1st-4th and 5th-8th places. 5 games in minimum are guaranteed for every team.
Rules - Rules of the Game are regualated by FIFA and LFF(Latvian Football Federation)
If two or more teams have the same amount of points the order will be decided as follows:
1. Results of matches between teams involved
2. Goal difference in group games among teams involved
3. Goals scored in group games among teams involved
4. Goal difference in all group games
5. Goals scored in all groups games
6. Count of yellow and red cards
7. If everything above is equal, there will be a draw to decide.
Contact person: Dzintars Kazaks +37126478477 dzintars.kazaks@gmail.com

Venue map