Tournament Info


For the first time in history of Tammeka Junior Cup the tournament is taking place in outdoors. The purpose of the tournament is to introduce the latest and most interesting football stadium - Sepa Football Centre - to people in Southern Estonia and further. We also want to offer high-quality games through the spring tournament on a artificial pitch with undersoil heating before the start of the 2017 Estonian Championship games. All tournaments are based on 2017 EMV rules and regulations so all teams can prepare for the new season and give finishing touches on their teamwork and skills. 

This year we also offer to age groups 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 an opportunity to take part in the B tournament. The aim of B tournament is to offer joy of playing and competing to players who would not get so much playing time in championship games. Our main objective is that no one should not stay at home and everyone can participate. All participant will be rewarded with prizes.


Sepa Football Centre, Sepa 15a, Tartu


All tournaments start at 9:00 or 10:00.


  • Boys 2005, 05/03/2017, B tournament
  • Boys 2006, 11/03/2017, B tournament
  • Boys 2007, 26/03/2017, B tournament
  • Boys 2008, 19/03/2017, B tournament
  • Boys 2009, 19/03/2017, B tournament
  • Boys 2010, 25/03/2017, Gameday format
  • Boys 2011, 25/03/2017, Gameday format
  • Boys 2012, 25/03/2017, Gameday format