Liepaja Challenge Cup 2019 Rules


Rules of the Game are regulated by FIFA and UEFA (Latvian Football Federation)


Fair Play

Racism, discrimination and intolerance have no place in football. Anyone who does not adhere to the principles of fair play will be banned from the tournament


2019 Tournament Basic information

Players on field: 7 outfield players + 1 goalkeeper

Match time: 1x17min

Pause between each round of games: 3min

Pitch size: 1/2 of a standard football field

Goal size: 2x5m

Ball size: 4

Offside rule: Not in action

Back pass: Goalkeeper is not allowed to pick up back-pass from his teammate by hands

Penalty spot: The penalty spot is to be situated at a distance of 8m from the goal line


2019 Tournament Points Awarded:

3 for win

1 for draw

0 for defeat


2019 Tournament Tiebreaker

If two or more teams have the same amount of points the order will be decided as follows:

1. Results of matches between teams involved

2. Goal difference in group games among teams involved

3. Goals scored in group games among teams involved

4. Goal difference in all group games

5. Goals scored in all groups games

6. Count of yellow and red cards

7. If everything above is equal, there will be a draw to decide.